ZED Certification

The Purpose of ZED

The very first thing which must be clear to everyone in the organization is the purpose of ZED.

The purpose of ZED is sustainable development by producing products with Zero Defect Zero Effect. An organization has four types of stakeholders, sustainable development can be made possible by delivering value to all stakeholders. Every type of stakeholder has unique purpose, which must be addressed by ZED model to make sustainable development:

Business growth of organization can be only possible if purpose of customers, employees and society are met. For the business growth two essential requirements are; global competitiveness and good brand image, which is assured by ZED certification if the processes are perfect and consistently delivering value to the stakeholders. ZED is an effective means for sustainable growth of organization.

What is ZED?

ZED (Zero Defect Zero Effect) is an effective and efficient operating system equipped with capable processes and people to attain world-class manufacturing to produce and deliver quality products and services without making any adverse impact on the environment.

ZED especially developed for MSMEs, which certifies the enterprise capability to produce defect-free quality products and services from pollution-free processes.

Certification is based on assessment of processes and systems established to manage quality, environmental compliance, energy, human resource and other business management functions as per requirements of ZED model. The main objective of ZED certification is to provide unique branding and recognition of the operational capabilities of quality and environmentally focussed Indian MSMEs. The goal of certification is to establish world-class manufacturing practices by developing a ‘ZED’ culture based on the principles of:

o Zero Defect (focus on customer)

o Zero non-conformance/non-compliance

o Zero waste

o Zero Effect (focus on society)

o Zero air pollution/liquid discharge/solid waste

o Zero wastage of natural resources

ZED Maturity Assessment Model has been designed to offer graded benchmark levels of an organization’s performance through a set of standard enablers and outcomes, focused primarily on quality and environmental performances in a practically implementable terms. For implementation of ZED maturity assessment model, organizations need to develop following operational capabilities:

  • Manufacturing capabilities
  • Design capabilities
  • Quality/Environment/Safety assurance systems
  • People development and engagement systems
  • Standardization and measurement systems for quality and environment
  • Learning and improvement systems
  • Legal compliances (hygiene factor)